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Best VEXpressions kit for roland td 11? Need help/advice deciding between packs.

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  • Best VEXpressions kit for roland td 11? Need help/advice deciding between packs.

    Hey everyone

    Got my td 11k today, super excited, having a blast so far. My one complaint about the kit is the built in kits, theres about 3 good ones and the rest are hot garb (imho). This lead me to do some research into VEXpressions kits, and it looks like they have a lot of packs for the td 11.

    I havent been able to find a solid recommendation or ranking of these packs, and i only have enough money to pick one, so i come to you, oh great oracle, for any advice for which packs are the best? Specifically, i have my eyes on the apex pack because i saw a video demoing it, and the masters pack vol 1 because i have read it is better than the apex pack, plus it features a bunch of my drumming heroes. However, im open to any pack really, just whichever one has the highest volume of good sounding kits. Any advice is appreciated.


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    I don't have a Roland module but have been paying attention to VEX threads for a friend. I had to pick one out for him and chose "Boost" because he uses it for rehearsal. My guess is you should get "Masters". If you're looking for big sounding rooms go with Apex.

    This really gets down to what you're going to be using the kit for. With VST's I find the ones that appeal to me are "rock" oriented (even Metal which I don't play). Tight, punchy toms and snares with subtle room treatments. In other words, kits that sound in my headphones like a typical well tuned 5 piece acoustic drum kit would sound in a practice room..

    The key here is to get one, they make these modules sound so much better.

    From the website:
    TD-11 Buying Guide

    Sync and Apex offer slamming rock kits set in big ambient environments. These packs feature deep toms, with tight panning and great cutting snares. A little bit of everything is included in these packs for general use.

    Icons is very specialized for the discerning drummer looking to use authentic acoustic sounds in subdued/subtle environments. It offers refined natural sounding acoustic kits, nearly void of reverb or ambience. These kits are the perfect choice for Jazz and acoustic kit traditionalists.

    The Masters series offers accurate models of famous drummers’ kits. Volume 1 is classic rock based, and Volume 2 is more hard rock/metal based.

    Boost is designed for live drummers. It has special cutting EQ designed to make your TD-11 cut through any mix. Cymbals are well balanced, and drums are punchy and tight. This pack will make your TD-11 sound great through any sized PA.
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      I'd go for the VEX Boost if I was only getting one pack. But, honestly, they are so reasonably priced and fun that I would get them all (not really going to break the bank). Heck if you can afford Roland gear, these are the essential icing on the cake for a very little more outlay. I also have three from Drum-Tec, which, while not anything like as good, are fun too (and I believe you don't pay the VAT if you are ordering from outside Europe, so cheaper than advertised (I think this is right)). Actually my favourite overall single expansion kit for the TD-11 is, ironically, Drum-Tec's Pearl SLX Session Elite from their Real Acoustic Sound Edition. If I were to buy only one Drum-Tec expansion, it would be the Real Acoustic Sound Edition but I wouldn't choose any of the Drum-Tec expansion kits first over the VEX ones. I had pretty well gone all over my VEX sounds for the TD-11 before venturing into Drum-Tec.
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