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VExpressions, TD12, And Expansion

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  • VExpressions, TD12, And Expansion

    Howdy All- This should be an easy one (two), but want to make sure I do things right.

    2 Questions: 1) Is it worth upgrading from TD12 when using Expressions? 2) Easiest Way To Add More Triggers?

    Question 1: I have a TD12 now and it works fine. When using Expressions, do I gain anything except reverb if I upgrade to say a TD20? I'm a very very casual player and love my Expressions now. Anything else I gain with an upgrade of the model?

    Question 2: My jacks are maxed out. What's the best way to get a couple more cymbals? Best way being the easiest way ? I'm a classic, "I just want to sit down and play my set" guy so I'm not deep into how to change module settings and such.

    Thanks! Have a nice day.
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    TD-30 would be a smarter choice right now. Few more I/O, reverb/fx, 3x the library, better engine & playability, and best yet... no bad screen concerns.
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      Good Morning- Exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks for the info.


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        This may be too late, but you could use a TMC-6, TM-2, TM-6, Alesis Trigger IO, ddrum Trigger or another Module to add triggers.
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          See my detailed configuration description in TD-20/TMC-6 Sticky in the Technical Forum.
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