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Free TD-50 Preset - The eDrum Workshop "Layer Me" kit

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  • Free TD-50 Preset - The eDrum Workshop "Layer Me" kit

    Hey guys! I posted a video last week on my YouTube channel about getting the best out of the TD-50's snares - specifically, using the Walnut Popper as the foundation layer, then stacking either internal snares or one-shot samples on top. There's a bunch of kit demos on the video that you can check out, most of which are made with one-shot imports, but there's also one with the Steel Tube Lugs internal snare too.

    As I wanted to give out something for people to enjoy, I included the preset that I use as the basis for pretty much every kit I create and thought maybe some people here might get some use out of it. I know that many of the VEX users will be familiar with Alan's work using the Walnut Popper - I bought Generations a bit ago and noticed that almost every snare on there has the WP for the main sample. My overall sound design approach is a little different to the VEX one, but I've tried to keep things around similar volumes so that it can slot in alongside if you happen to use them. The kick and snare already have Sub layers added (but turned off by default) to demonstrate how much of a difference layering can make and the rest of the sounds are ready to be layered up, you'll just need to tune to match and add ambience etc to taste.

    I'm sure many of the power users here will have already made themselves some great kits, but hoping it helps some people out. You can download it here -

    Instructions for installing are included.

    Any feedback on the kit is welcome!