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Which VEX pack for TD-50

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  • Which VEX pack for TD-50

    Hi all,

    I've been using the TD-12 since it's release along with the Studio VEX pack. It's finally time for a module upgrade and after a lot of Mimic Pro vs TD-50 research, I'm going with the TD-50 (suits me better and I already own SSD5 if I want VST quality).

    I usually play rock & punk, but I like to dabble in pop too. It'll be 99% used at home as I use an acoustic kit in pretty much all live situations. I have expanded my original kit a bit, so I'd like a pack(s) that can get me covered on cymbals, or at least most of the way there (Intended configuration is hi-hats, 2 crashes, ride, splash, china and hopefully some kind of trashy FX). I also plan to have a piccolo side snare. I know I can't have 2 'snare' pads connected simultaneously, so I was hoping the side snare would connect to the Tom 4 or an aux input and just assign some nice tight snare sounds.

    I'm happy to configure my own kit, but modelling and tweaking sounds have never been my strong point, so I'd like a good 'starting' configuration with the ability to then do small modifications to fit my needs.

    I'm pretty much sold on the Gigging pack as there's lots of stuff in there I like, but I can't decide on a second pack. I've been thinking maybe the Studio pack but I also like the idea of the cymbal modeling in the Foundations pack (acoustically I play A Customs).

    Finally, I remember for my TD-12 there was a recommended 'kit configuration' that came with the VEX packs (i.e. Aux 1 = China). Is there such a thing with the TD-50 packs? I couldn't see one in the user guides. I know I can re-assign but if there is a standard setup then i'll make sure I connect everything up that way before starting (i.e. all kits have Aux 1 china, Aux 2 splash)

    All advice is welcome!

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    Generations is the obvious choice.

    Giggin’ won’t work on the 50. Stick to the TD-50 page. Only those work with the 50.

    If you want a second pack to compliment Generations, it’s obviously Infinity. It would add acoustics and optional cymbal options for copying around. It’s also available discounted in the “Duo” pack.

    Pad setup is preconfigured, but you should ALWAYS confirm your OWN pad setup upon loading.

    Hope that helps.
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      Thanks for the advice. Yep, Generations is a no-brainer for me (no idea why I wrote "gigging" originally when I meant Generations!).

      I was listening last night and the flexibility of infinity does seem to be a good match, so thanks for the confirmation. I'll probably grab the duo pack once I've got the module all set up.

      Thanks again