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  • VEX and TD9KX2

    I'd really appreciate some advice. I've had my Roland TD9 for a few years now and have only tinkered with the stock kits. I've seen some really good feedback on the VEX expansions and thought it was time to try some new sounds. I'm wondering about either the Naturals or the Master 50. I just wondered what people would recommend?
    Also, I've watched the VEX video on backing up and uploading and it looks fairly straightforward. Might be a bit of a silly question but what I don't know is do the expansions replace every stock kit on the module - or some of them e.g. the first 50? Or can you mix and match? Thanks

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    I had the Masters 50 and I really liked it. With vDrum library, you can customize what is on your module so you can have the Vex kits, the stock kits you like, and whatever custom kits you made for yourself.
    Have fun!
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      Thanks for the help and info jimorlando.


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        I choose the "Toolkit" and I found it to be a great mix of kits and genre's
        I'm sure any of them are great ........ But, I am really happy with my choice
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