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Programming Kits on the TD25-KV

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  • Programming Kits on the TD25-KV

    Is there any resource out there that provides settings to recreate the kits of your favorite drummers? It would be pretty neat if you could dial up that Phil Collins, Jeff Porcaro, Stewart Copeland, etc... sound with just the push of a button.

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    Maybe my answer is late, but I don't know any ressource for that. but you can easily find famous drummer drumkits configurations on internet: it's a good start for creating custom kits.
    I created Bonham and Vander customkits that are prety closed to their sounds and knowing what they used was a great help.
    After that, it's work : listening and tuning, listening and tuning.....

    Good luck !
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      I typically use the module sounds to fatten VST sounds.

      Research the drummer's kit im trying to match, use the AD2 drums that most closely match.
      On the TD-25 create a new kit, first remove any/all sound modeling/effects/tuning/muffling/etc and choose drums that are again the closest match.

      Now - the fun part ... tuning to dial it all in. There is no short cut here. I like to think this really helps dial in your ear and is something any musician should try to do with their instrument. Click the VST drum, mute it, hit the pad - compare - adjust. With just the pads i find songs that i can play to be relatively easy to match via a play along. Use both headphones and monitors for this part.

      Usually I tune the VST drums first and I care most about accuracy here. I'll usually use a larger room for the reverb here too. Once I'm happy with this I then tune the TD-25 drums trying to get exact matches but not ripping my hair out if it can't because ...

      now i pick the effects that I want and max them out. starting with the TD-25 volume at about 50% I then play and dial up the volume until the sound fattens up to my liking.

      from here, back to the VST and fine tune the subtle effects and mess with fine tuning of the positions, pitches, etc.

      that's for the drums. cymbals - i still don't have a good technique here. again, research the drummer and pick the closest thing but the TD-25 just doesn't let you do much sound shaping. what i usually end up doing is finding the cymbal who's initial attack is closest, decay it heavily, and reduce the sound to the point where all it does is add some fatness to the VST sound.

      i'm no VEX though - a hobbyist at best there are others like Alan WAAY better at this stuff than me - but it works for my ear ;-).
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        All you can do to get the sound is what the above members said or play a song from the artist you want to sound like and go from there. Take off all effects and muffling and start selecting the instruments that sound close to it, tune them up and there you go!!!! It will take a little time but you should have some fun doing it and so much gratification after you nailed making the custom kit, good luck brotha, let us know how it goes
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          Here is one I'm working on. This normally layers beneath an AD2 kit that I call "Gretsch Stop Rock". As the name implies its the Gretsch Stop Sign kit from the Fairfax bundle with a Black Beauty snare. In AD2 I use the Gretsch Round Badge kick as I just like it more.

          I'm using Booth reverb as well as studio reverb from the multi-effects. Classic Maple for 3 of the toms and the high floor tom is a Solid Maple tom. Kick is the raw kick and the Snare I'm using is the Xstick TightBirch. All my kits have a tom on the AUX so if you only run 3 toms, change the AUX to w/e.

          I run this -4 on the bass and +4-6 on treble.

          It could use some more tweaking but I'm working on a few others and this one is good enough for meow. Anyway give it a go. Alan or anyone else that's a pro at this I'd be happy to receive some notes from you as to what you think and or how to improve this. It's really kind of a 'catch all' kit for me I'm not really trying to hone in on any specific sound.


          p.s. don't be surprised if the cymbals suck. that's the last part i was working on - i usually mute the module cymbals and only use VST but i do plan to try and match the VSTs as best I can one day.
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          TD-25 + TD-6v running - 2 x PD-100s updated with dual Piezo, 3 x PD-120, VH-11, Alesis 16" 3 zone Strike Ride, Alesis 14" Strike crash, 1 x CY-15r, 2 x CY-13r as crash, 1 x Cy-12. iconnectmidi2+ and 2 x iconnect mio for midi triggering.