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TD-25: Your custom made kit........

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    Nice kit's guys!

    Here is my kit:

    Kick 22'''Brchwet,-20, Tape2, 115
    Snare SolidMaple, -43, no muf, 117
    T1 10"Natural, +9, muf. off, 110
    T2 12''NNatural, 0, muf off, 110
    T3 14'' Natural, -10, muf off, 110
    T4 14'' Natural, -66, muf off, 110
    Hihat 14'' CstmDk, 12'' 105
    Ride 21'' Studio, 16", 115 (use as a crash ride)
    Crash1 16'' Vintage, 15'' 115
    Crash2 16'' Vintage, 19'' 115

    Studio2, Reverblevel 125, kit volume 115pedal hi hat volume 90, multi effects OFF.

    A solid rockkit!

    Please let me know i've you like the kit.


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      Hi late to the party here but I wanted to share my Chad Smith/Red Hot Chili Peppers recreation from Blood Sugar Sex Majik record and think I did pretty good.
      Kick 22" Cl Maple -40 no muffling
      Snare piccolo +40 Tape 1
      Toms solid Maple tom 1 0 Tom 2 +35 Tom 3 -15 no muffling
      Hats 14" Medium
      Ride Bright Ride 21" -6 sustain
      Crash 1- 18" Medium tune to 19"
      Crash 2- 18" Funk Crash tuned to 20"

      I will leave the reverb up to you.

      Will try to post more and hope this thread comes back to life with others sharing as well.


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        This one is modeled after an Evett's GumShell kit (Exotic wood kit from Australia cost about 10k) It's one of the best kits i have ever heard. you can find it on YouTube. Drummer Reviews. I think I got a great likeness for what the 25 offers.
        Kick-22" Solid Maple tuned -3 0 muffling Tape 2
        Tom 1 10" Natural +15 no muffle
        Tom 2 12" Natural +29 no muffle
        Tom 3 12" Nat +3 " "
        Aux Floor Tom 14" Nat +18 "0 " Muffle
        You can use any snare you want i paired it with
        VintRock +57 Tape 2
        Also I must have made this kit with the effect left on from when i was replacing. Make sure you have effect turned to saturated. This is the only kit it sounds good with, not sure why. This makes a big difference.

        Cymbals i am leaving up to you.

        Check it out and let me know what you think.

        This is an easy one.
        I found if you take the Custom Maple kit and change the kick to 22" C Maple -17 Tom3 16" Maple +14
        Snare 40s maple +10 0 muffle
        Sounds just like the Noble and Cooley CD Maple kit (Very expensive kit as well), that was also reviewed on the channel i mentioned earlier.

        Warning: if you sit down just to try these out, you may not get up for an hour. I made these with just the module and my headphone and computer so when i first got to play them, time flew by real quick and ended up running late for an appointment. It literally felt like minutes.
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          DW Collector's Series Maple Spruce
          Start with Saturated Turned on in Effects
          I use a 4 tom setup so you pick what you need for yours.

          Kick: solid Maple +5 Tuning 0 muffle
          Tom 1: 12" Metal 1 +50 Tuning 0 muffle on all
          Tom 2: 12" Metal 1 +23
          Tom 3: 12" Metal 1 -5
          Aux Floor tom: 16" Custom tom -20
          Snare: Tight BirchX: +67 0 muffle

          Cymbals and Reverb are your choice.

          side Note: I have only created this with the module and the preview button while connected to my laptop watching YouTube Demos so may need a few small tweeks. This has been a lot of fun recreating some of the best kits I have heard and always wanted, especially when i can't actually play my kit. would love to see more people add to the list. Hopefully I will be sharing on TD-50 page soon.


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            I love your Chilli Peppers kit, that's getting a lot of use in my practice time now. Thanks dude.
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              Bump for any new kit ideas. Looking for Carter Buford sound from dave mathews band.