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VEXed TD-11 - a few questions

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  • VEXed TD-11 - a few questions

    Hi, I just got the Icons pack on my newly bought td-11k, sounds absolutely amazing!
    I am left handed, and play with the hi-hat and ride on the left side of the kit, crash on the right size.
    The problem is the left cy-8 is specified as crash and the right one as ride, I found no way to change this on the module, and the crash cable is too short to physically swap between them, so I just manually change the crash and ride on every kit...
    It is far more troublesome to manually swap the crash and ride on the vex kits since they all have special settings, is there a quick way to so this?
    I also found the trigger volume in the vex kits to be unpleasently high on the cymbals and very low on the toms and bass. The only option I see is to change all the volumes on all the triggers on all the kits, might take a while... Is there any faster way to do this?
    Loving the sound I'm getting outta these kits though.
    td-11k and vh-11, I need to buy something soon

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    Try using the free trial of this program:

    midi, sysex, syx, td1, librarian, edrum, vdrum, v-drum, vkittrans, midi-ox, tdm8, vexpressions, vexpressionsltd, roland, td6, td-6, td8, td-8, td10, td-10, td12, td-12, td20, td-20, TD0

    Well worth buying, in my opinion.