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Can i have more than 1 VEX pack loaded at the same time?

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  • Can i have more than 1 VEX pack loaded at the same time?

    Hello, I have a Roland TD15K and I have the SYNC pack (OMG so much better than the stock kits!). If i buy the EVOLUTION pack (and in the future maybe ICON and CONCEPT) - can i have all the drum kits on there at the same time? Or if i put a new one on, will it overwrite SYNC?

    Sorry, it's a very basic question but i don't quite get how that works.

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    Yes, but you may run out of open kit slots. I have both SYNC and EVO. I kept the ones I was most impressed with, which was a bit of a challenge since they all sound quite good. I saved all the kits to a USB and my hard drive just incase, then blew away most of the original kits.


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      To be clear, a VEX "pack" is a compilation of kits and are stored on the USB drive as a "backup" and as individual kits. If you do a backup from a full set of VEX kits (that is, an entire pack) you will overwrite what is in your module. To avoid this, you simply load the kits individually from the VEX pack into available locations in your kits that you don't care about overwriting. So you have options, but be sure you do a backup of whats on your module if you don't want to lost it.
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        or you could use vdrumlib to cherry pick which kits you want out of the respective vex packs, creating your own mix as it were..
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