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VEX - ICONS for TD-11

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  • VEX - ICONS for TD-11

    Chris has done it again. More great kits. I've only tried a few of them but the ones I have played are excellent. Great variety, but overall most of the kits seem more natural and less processed, with only minimal room ambience. Awesome stuff. Strongly recommended.

    Now, with only 50 slots on the TD-11, where I am I going to put all of these kits?!?!?!?
    Roland TD-11KV with Iron Cobra 600 pedal, Simmons DA50 monitor, and VEX APEX and SYNC packs for TD-11 / Slingerland 1960s champagne sparkle kit with Roto Toms and Zildjian cymbals / Fender Telecaster ‘52 re-issue / 2013 Gibson SG Std / Hohner B2B bass / Yamaha FG-400A acoustic

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    Glad you're liking them. Thanks for the mention.
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