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VExpressions question

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  • VExpressions question

    I'm new to this forum and will be new to VExpressions soon. I have a TD-10 expanded setup I use at Church, and a TD-30 PRO setup I use at home. The VExpressions and Vdrumlib "seem" awfully complex. Are they easier having the module in front of you? Also - do I understand correctly that I will need to use a different method for each module download and install?


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    Once VDL is setup on your computer, it is VERY easy to use. I'll let SD chime in to help you there.

    As for VEX, unfortunately, the kits you'll use on your 10 will not work on your 30, and visa-versa. The two platforms are completely different. Installing expansions is pretty simple really. Feel free to drop Chris or I an email through our website, We'll be glad to answer your questions. We also have a QuickStart Guide on our support page you can download that walks you through what to expect.

    Welcome to the forum!
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      Thanks Alan. I knew the kits were not interchangeable. That is not a big deal to me. I guess I'll go ahead and order bot so I can get started (after I locate a MIDI to USB cable).

      Thanks again!


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        Originally posted by Alan VEX View Post
        Once VDL is setup on your computer, it is VERY easy to use. I'll let SD chime in to help you there...
        Looks like we have already been communicating via email. Just make sure you follow my advice on USB to MIDI adapters. The cheap adapters just do not work.