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V Expressions and pad settings

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  • V Expressions and pad settings

    I have a TD15. I am considering buying either Sync or Evolution from V Expressions. I am a little worried about the warning that pad settings will have to be reset after loading the custom kits. If I only have to reset the pad types, using model numbers, that's easy. BUT... there are a lot of settings beneath or in addition to the model number. So:

    Q1: Do the detailed pad settings need attention after loading custom kits?

    Q2: Does the VDrumLib program provide a way to save the pad settings and then restore them after custom kits are loaded without also losing the custom kits?

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    TD-15 w/all mesh pads

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    Hey Johnny –

    I’ve purchased both Evo and Sync for my TD-15.
    1. Unless I’m mistaken, the pad settings do not need any additional attention – they have nothing to do with the kit sounds (i.e., VEX kits). Pad settings (particularly the sensitivity setting) are specific to you/your system setup and how you play or interact with the pads/kit. The instrument settings (particularly Instrument/Type, Tuning, and Tone) plus the FX settings (Ambience Multi-FX, and EQ) are what affect the “sound”. This is where VEX shines – they are great at tweaking these. What I occasionally do is copy a VEX kit I am particularly impressed with and marginally tweak a bit more to meet my unique interpretation.
    2. Similar to above, I believe VDrumLib only allows copying of kits or instrument settings not pad settings. For the most part, you can do this right on the module; however, vDrumLib make this process a bit easier – you can mix and match instruments and kits.

    Now here’s my take on VEX (from a previous post) –
    • I recently purchased both VEX Evolution and SYNC kits for my TD-15. You get 50 kits with both sets. However, the Evolution kits are all different – the SYNC kits include 25 unique kits duplicated and ambience/configured as “wet” and “dry”. Also, Evolution has the auxiliary port mapped as a 4th tom; SYNC has it mapped as a china/splash cymbal.

      Both sets sound great – I really do not have preference. Therefore it would be difficult for me to recommend one over the other. However, since the cost for both is the same ($45), you are getting more kits with Evolution. That does not mean they are better, just more of them. It is interesting to hear the difference between two kits configured as wet and dry as offered with SYNC, but again, not necessarily better than EVO, just different.

    Just my 2-cents…..


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      You only have to reset/check the pads if you load the entire expansion. It is possible to load the kits individually, if you have made substantial tweaks to your parameters. If you've made no tweaks to your pad parameters, then you simply check the pads chosen to ensure they match your setup. If one does not, you simply scroll to the correct pad. All pad defaults will be applied. After you've ensured the correct setup, simply re-save the file.

      VDL's answers to your question are below. If you have tweaked your pads, then use SD's instructions below to transfer your setup data to a new set of our kits.
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        Originally posted by JohnnyCee View Post
        Q2: Does the VDrumLib program provide a way to save the pad settings and then restore them after custom kits are loaded without also losing the custom kits?
        A2: Yes, VDrumLib does provide a way for you to use custom kits with your own personal pad settings. Actually, it is more than just your pad settings that you will lose if you just load the entire VEX backup. Anyway, VDrumLib calls the rest of this stuff "Setup Info" and it allows you to create a new backup on your PC that combines all of the "Setup Info" from one of your personal backups with JUST the custom kits from your VEX backup.

        Here is a link to the specific VDrumLib help page that describes how to do this (the link is for the TD-9, but the same applies for the TD-15) -- http://www.vdrumlib.com/save_td9.html



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          Thanks everyone for your answers. Very helpful. I am going to buy Evolution, and probably Sync, too. I suspect that I'll have more questions after I actually get started!
          TD-15 w/all mesh pads


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            I got both. super love them.


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              Can you load both Sync and Evolution at the same time?


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                Yes you can load both but you will lose the original kits, since there are only 100 kits available on the TD-15 (no biggie for me since I liked the VEX kits better than most all native kits). What I did was first review all native kits to see if there were any I wanted to keep - then blew away the others. Next I loaded each set of VEX separately, then decided which ones of these I wanted (which was most). You can also keep all kits on a USB drive as backup and load as you wish.


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                  Originally posted by VeeDrummer View Post
                  Can you load both Sync and Evolution at the same time?
                  also, its super easy to load different packs. (a couple button presses.)
                  and super super fast.
                  it takes less than 10 seconds.
                  and I repeat, they are wonderful.
                  super super highly recommend getting both.
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