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Confusion over VEX packs.

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  • Confusion over VEX packs.

    Hi 1st post as I've just purchased a TD30K SE.

    I'm a bit confused over what I am getting if I buy a VEX pack. My thinking is that I am replacing what I have in my TD30 with something that is better sonically and plays better also. However after reading a few posts it appears that I have to change the settings for the pads also, correct? If so how should I be maximising the pads.

    I've tried searching best pad settings but the link that keeps coming up is dead.

    So I guess my question is, if I buy a VEX pack, and load it into the TD30 does it play well straight out of the box with Roland default pad settings or do I need to tweak them..... If so what are those recommended settings?

    Thanks in advance of or any help.

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    First off, welcome to the forum! This is the place to come to for v-drums information and help. I have a TD-12 but the VEX packs work in the same manner across all modules. They are not replacing anything internal to the module so don't worry about losing sounds or features that came from the factory. Instead, they modify the various parameters to enhance the sound of each drum or cymbal within a kit. It saves the user from having to experiment with all of these options on their own, although you can still tweak the VEX kits to your liking after they've been installed. I have the Vintage VEX pack for my TD-12 and it worked flawlessly from the get go. I did not have to adjust the pads at all. I highly recommend giving them a try!
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      Ah, that's great to know. Hopefully they will play perfectly with the Roland standard pad settings as I wouldn't know where to start tweaking them.

      Now which to pack to pick.

      Thanks for the reply.


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        That's the hard part.
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          It's not hard at all, just get all of them!
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            Haha, rightio I'll bear that in mind