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TD-11 can't read file!

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  • TD-11 can't read file!

    I purchased the sync set for the TD-11, formatted a USB key, copied over the backup002.td0 file and am stuck trying to load it in. The module states that it cannot read the backup file. Could my original download be corrupted? If so, how do I re-download? Thanks.

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    Did you follow the directions in our guide? Sounds like you either did not unzip the file, or you put it on the wrong folder.
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      The problem has been solved! I needed to upgrade the firmware in my TD-11 module! I had trouble finding the downloaded VEX file though. Why on earth is it called 11SY***********? If they were called VEX11sy***********, our lives would be simplified. Think about it.

      The best news of all? The new kits are AMAZING and worth every penny.Thanks!