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Which kit closely resembles...

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  • Which kit closely resembles...

    I purchased the Top 50 Drummers I and II and also the Giggin Kits, and it has been freakin awesome to load up my favorite songs to mix in and play to with a kit that sounds exactly what's been recorded. There is nothing like playing your kit and it meshes with the recordings exactly. Nice job on these Alan!!

    My son, who I now feel like I'm competing for play time on the kit, lol, had asked me if I could load up kits from his playlist. He is definitely big on retro and wants to play to Bon Jovi, Foreigner, Heart and Survivor. I told him those drummers didn't make the cut. lol

    But I figure with 150+ kits, we are bound to find one really close. Even if we had to find one close and tweak it.

    Anyone out there gigging to these groups playlist have any advice on which vex kit to start off with?
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    Glad you're having fun. Spinds like your son would enjoy the Studio Series, from what you wrote.
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