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TD15 V Expressions. Evolution or Sync?...

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  • TD15 V Expressions. Evolution or Sync?...

    Hi everyone

    I hadn't heard about the V Expression kit packs until earlier today, but after having spent some time on this forum reading about them I quickly decided to purchase either the Evolution or Sync for my TD 15.

    The question is, which of the two packages is likely to be best for me?...

    Is there anyone out there who has experience with the new Sync package? Or better yet both?

    I know that this will ultimately come down to personal preference, however one significant consideration is that I'm splitting my Aux input (with one of the 'drumsplitter' cables) to a Cy-8 and a Cy-5, which I always use as a china and splash, respectively. I noticed on the V expressions web-page that the Sync package is somehow pre-setup for a splash/china Aux setup. Does this indicate that the Aux triggers for each of the Sync kits have a custom splash/china setup?... If so, that would really suit me. (I also have a second Cy-12 for my Cr2 input, but otherwise the kit is a standard TD-15KV)

    I was hoping to get a kit where they have attempted to emulate Bonham's classic sound. I read that the Ludwig vintage Vistalite 1978 sounds similar, but then realised this isn't available with the TD15, only the TD11. I was a bit disheartened by this. Is there a kit in either of the TD15 packages that might fit this description?

    If I do opt for the Evolution package, would I be at a disadvantage given that I want to stick to my Aux splash/china cymbal setup?

    Thanks very much for your help!

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    Anyway, opted for the Sync. Pretty impressed If anyone is considering purchasing this package and has any queries I'd be happy to help.


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      Originally posted by soma_seeker
      Anyway, opted for the Sync. Pretty impressed If anyone is considering purchasing this package and has any queries I'd be happy to help.
      I have just purchased the expansion pack "Sync" and are already using the Evolution pack on my TD-15 (btw. Evolution sounds great!) for months now.

      1. But how do I combine the 2 packs? I have my favourite sets from Evolution stored on 1-10 and would like to keep them.
      2. Am I right that I can choose between wet and dry sound in general?
      3. If I copy Sync onto the TD-15 does it change the Evolution set sounds?

      Thanks for your help!!
      Roland TD-15, VH-11, KD-85, PD125, 2x PD-80, 1x PDX 100, CY15R, CY12, 2x CY-8, etc - Tama SpeedCobra Doublebass, Tama HiHa Stand - own built drum plateau (ca. 15cm) + SD 2.0 plus Metal Foundry via KRK Rokit 8