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APEX or SYNC for td11 at church

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  • APEX or SYNC for td11 at church

    I posted this question in another post, but thought I'd get more responses this way ! The td11K is played at church and we can afford only 1 of these VEX upgrades. Which 1 does people suggest? Thanks. The more input the better.

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    Email Chris, tell him what you're playing, and he'll give you direction.
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      I have APEX and SYNC and they both have several great kits. I am not as familiar with SYNC since it is newer, but my initial reaction is that the kits are more booming and aggressive. I think APEX has a few more subtle kits.
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        Yes, as with all commercial products, and this is in no way a criticism, your true favourites will be a few of APEX and a few of SYNC, but then you have to buy both to enjoy the luxury of that. I agree in this case that SYNC offers maybe some more boomy kits; Ludwig kits on SYNC is more so than Ludwig on APEX. Compare the Ludwig 1978 Vistalite Vintage on SYNC with the Ludwig Epic on APEX. Make sure you listen to the samples of each on the website as that will give you a taste of each, but I bet you will go with APEX. We assume that a church needs 'sedate' drum sounds, but maybe you need the boom to fill the space?
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          timataeo what did you select or what did Chris suggest in the end?