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    I put the white hoops of my PDX-8s and PDX-6s through the dishwasher with mesh heads, and they came out pretty well too. A few marks were left, but easily cleaned up with a microcellular sponge (Mr. Clean).
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      put my new TD12 heads and rims through dishwasher.
      They were filthy
      They now look brand new.
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        Hi Guys,

        I cleaned my mesh heads by hand. I made a short video about that.
        I am not to sure about the idea with the dish washer. Couldn't that be too hot and damage the head?

        Here is my video:


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          nope...folks have been doing it for years with nothing but great results.

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        Had 1 old 10" Roland head and bought some new ones. I could really see the difference between the new and the old. The old one was very yellow and had a clean white spot where the foam cone touched the head. Soaked it in OxiClean and warm water for 30 mins and now you can't see the difference between old and new :-)

        Only negative with using OxiClean is that it looks like it oxidizes the mesh head aluminum rim. The metal rim came out a little splotchy looking, but the head looks fantastic!
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          One of the heads I bought had a dried on peanut butter (I think) stain. Scrubbing it by hand or with pad and dish soap did not work. Soaking it in warm water and OxyClean for an hour did not work either.

          Figured that the gunk was stuck in the holes in the mesh. Used some dish soap and a fine bristle paint brush and dabbed / jabbed at the head until I could feel the bristles come through on the other side. That cleaned the stain very nicely :-)
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            Oxi Clean really works a treat. I'd spilt coffee on my larger snare drum mesh head and there was a small spot of something on the last tom that had been there for ages. Never thought coffee stains would come out very well.

            Last night, I mixed a couple of scoops of some cheapo Oxi Clean powder I had left with reasonably hot water in my kitchen sink and dropped the mesh heads into it.

            Within seconds the coffee was disappearing and I just lightly scrubbed them. After a minute or so I rinsed them and left to dry overnight. The first picture looks discoloured and dirty but it's just the light plus it was just started drying, and the second picture is from this morning almost finished drying. I'm very pleased with the result.

            mesh 1.jpgmesh 2.jpg
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              A pressure washer does the job, but use a spray and be careful with the pressure.


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                Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I want to try this.
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