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SPD-SX: Has anyone ever tried to run a light show as well as trigger sounds??

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  • SPD-SX: Has anyone ever tried to run a light show as well as trigger sounds??

    Is this possible? The pad can be used as a midi controller, so maybe it can be run into a light board throwing out midi for lights and conversely running a clicktrack and triggered sounds out of the back?

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    Haven't tried with an SPD, but yes with a DTX...
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      Hi! This has been discussed before!

      Most light controllers/mixer s don't support steps in a chase over midi. E.g you can't make it to trigger scenes from a kick drum over midi. Example like first kick beat: scene 1...second kick beat: scene 2 and so on and then restart when reaching the end of the sequence.

      However all light mixers on the market can trigger complete chases of scenes...but after a "on" hit on the snare...the scenes will run through without any trigger control. (The set speed will determine how fast it will run through the scenes) So the midi implementation is pretty useless in these kind of cheap light controllers.

      So how can you fix this problem?

      I came up with my own solution...I have a cheap midi interface connected between my 2Box module and a PC system. On the PC I am running the application Freestyler DMX...together with an USB to DMX interface. (I have about 18 LED Par 64 lights, 2 Ledbars, 4 moving heads, LEDStripes with DIY midi controller in all drums, Dmx laser and a smoke system...)

      In the Freestyler app...I am able to define all scenes...and get them to trigger in sync a from the kick beat. In freestyler it is possible remap the midi signal to what I want it to do. Each song in my system has its on complete sequence of scenes....just to pick the right song and start to kick. The kick will control the scene and step further to next scene on kick beat number two. You can still add light flashes separately..when hitting a cymbal etc...regardless from the kick beat sequence. I have even setup a blackout if I do a choke on a cymbal. A favorite light setting...which could be used between the songs can also be triggered from a special combination of drum hits...

      So was it easy to get this system going...? No, it was a hell...I took me about 5-6 evenings to understand the software and make it to trigger in the right way...building scenes...fixtures...but after defining it ... It actually works like a charm...! I have used it for a couple of gigs with very good results.

      Then I found a cheap wifi-dmx pcb board for $9 each....which I now have been built in all My DMX gears....but that is another story....I am a drummer ... Not a light engineer...or...

      Best regards

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        You are darned right it is hard. Took me about the same time. I have a TD-30 and even tried a midi to DMX conversion for a string of 4chan cans on a Chauvet Obey10 . After I got it to work the way I wanted, I will be damned if the rig didn't reset itself out of the blue, and I did not completely document how I got there.
        Now, I just turn on the audio sync, and let it step through the preset displays.
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          Wow...this must be a special thread since charlyv has been a member 8 years and only has made 9 a year! THIONE must be THE ONE for this year lol!

          Just kidding!
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            Yea, I admit that I come here mostly to Browse for solutions to problems, as there is a wealth of info, and I post when I cannot find a solution. Says something about shared, quality information. A contribution is in order.