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cy-6 problems

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  • cy-6 problems


    Recently purchased v-club set and have been having problems with the cy-6 cymbals. Sometimes when striking the crash cymbal the sound cuts off as if it were being choked, the same thing happens with the ride. Sometimes the ride doesn't sound at all. Could it be that I'm doing something wrong? Have any of you had similar experiences. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    This is a common problem with the CY-6. Roland has replaced both of my CY-6's (twice for one). The construction of the cymbal is not sturdy enough to use as a primary crash cymbal. However, the CY-12R/C (at twice the price) is up to the task of a primary crash or ride cymbal.
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      I think the main problem is that most players are used to "bashing" their cymbals quite hard, and this technique is probably triggering both the cymbal sound and the rim choke.

      I've been using CY6's for 6 months now, and have no such problems - mainly because I was always a "lighter" player anyway.

      I have to agree that for power players, the 12's would probably be much better.

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