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adjust xstick sensitivity separate from snare pad - pd125 and td20

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  • adjust xstick sensitivity separate from snare pad - pd125 and td20

    Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of xstick hits separate from the snare pad? I can't seem to find a way to separate the rim and head for the purpose of adjusting sensitivity in my td20. Is this possible?

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    Is the setting you are looking for Trigger button -> Advance tab -> Rim tab --- Rim Gain....?
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      From the User Manual:

      When a PD-125/120/105/80R or RT-5S (trigger) is connected,
      you can determine the “cross over point” between the cross
      stick and a rim shot sounds.
      XStick Thrshld:
      Setting this to a higher value makes it easier to get cross stick
      sounds. When set to “0,” playing a cross stick produces the
      open rim shot sound.
      * Increasing the value excessively may cause the cross stick to
      sound as well when the open rim shot is played.

      You will find that setting under Trigger Advanced, Rim
      The TD-20 User manual can be downloaded here: http://www.rolandus.com/support/owners_manuals/
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