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Variable high hat switch w/hart Ecym II

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  • Variable high hat switch w/hart Ecym II

    Has anyone tried to make one of those variable high hat tigger conversions using the Hart Ecymbal II high hats. You know the kind that go on a real high hat stand. Kind of (well exactly) like the new Visu-lite high hats. I've just ordered the Hart Giga Pro kit and before it even gets here I'm thinkin' how to make the high hat better and more realistic. I like the Visu-lite idea but those are more expensive than the Harts. And of course I'm already going to have the Hart hats.

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    Funny you should say that.

    I proposed an idea for a remote variable hi-hat (no stand, although one can be used if chosen) to Peter Hart a while back and he has contacted me and told me that they are going with my idea and have put it in R&D and asked me to beta test the model when its ready. It will have the full action of closing and opening along with the appropriate sounds - I canít wait! The hats will not be plastic, they will be metal, yet the metal for the hats will not be very loud.

    The idea is to use a different/special metal type to reduce the stick noise considerably less then the metal hats Hart has now - these will be the quietest metal e-hats around and the first of its kind. I have the hi-hat patent to be safe, so this puppy is Peter Hartís and mine.

    I will let you peeps know how it works when I get it. Donít really know the ETA as of yet, Peter Hart will let me know.



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      Of course, now ya tell me! COOL! Although now it is something else I need but can't have right now. Not that I could even afford it anyway. After my huge purshase.

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        I'm still waiting!! I really want to use my H.H. like a "real" H.H. I have looked at some of the designs on the net. They all seem over complicated. There has got to be an easier way.


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          Hey szvook! Has anything come of the HH thing yet?