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  • -11 Volume

    Good morning-

    I am not a drummer, but am the stepfather of one. I've recently purchased the TD-11 electronic kit for my stepson and believe I have followed the instructions to a "T" (I've also checked and double-checked to make sure everything was done properly). However, it seems to me that the volume coming out of the module should be much, much louder than it is. We're having to crank the volume knob wide-open in order to hear the electronic sound over the sound of the sticks hitting the pads. The only thing that really helps is running the Left (mono) channel out to a PA head and really cranking things up on that end.

    I play guitar (go ahead, I'm accustomed to tomatoes on my face - especially when entering the realm of drummers - thanks for having me, BTW...) and it seems to me that when I put on a pair of headphones to listen to an electronic drum set, I should be able to split my skull in half if the volume is really cranked. This doesn't seems to be happening, so I am appealing to you, 'cause y'all probably know a lot more about this than me.

    Any feedback would be most helpful - if no one here has any suggestions, my next stop is Roland tech support. Thanks guys - hope your Monday is awesome


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    I had the same issue when I purchased my TD-11. Check the pads sensitivity levels. You may have to increase each considerably. see this link.



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      Thanks for the reply - pardon my ignorance, but is the "pad sensitivity" different than the "pad volume?" I ask only because we've got that volume cranked as well.


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        Yes, Pad Sensitivity is part of the "system setting". Go to/select:
        Menu > System > Pad Settings > select a pad or hit a pad > Basic > Sensitivity.

        I'd start with something around 20 and go from there.

        One other thing I'd consider is VEX kits. They sound great ( 30 kits for $30 ) - easy for me to spend your money but IMO well worth it. You can use these as a start and tweak from there.
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          Awesomeness - I'll give it a go tonight and let you know how things turn out. Thanks again so much for your help (and for going easy on me) =)