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PDX-100 pads poor fit on MDS-4 rack

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  • PDX-100 pads poor fit on MDS-4 rack

    Well I was just shocked. I ordered two PDX-100 pads to replace two PDX-8ís on my TD-11 system with the MDS-4 rack - they just donít fit the way I want. I assumed (and that was my first mistake) I could just pop out the 8ís and install the 100ís Ė wrong. The pads are physically larger (deeper) and the connection bracket is larger than the PDX-8. Also, the tightening wing nut is on the wrong side (if it was on the left side or in back like the 8ís, I think I could have got it to fit much better). I love the larger area of the 100ís and have no problem with how they trigger (i.e., hot spots) plus donít miss the plastic rim around the PDX-8 pads but really wish I could have the kit setup identical to what I had before. Oh well.

    So has anyone else tried something like this with the MDS-4? I suppose I could consider a new rack like an MDS-9 but I am really tight on space - thatís partially why I went with this system in the first place. Maybe itís time for a bad case of GAS and spring for a TD-15KV. You know - it never endsÖÖ


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    I use two pd-8's for rack toms and two pdx-100's for floor toms. The fit is tight but I like a small kit anyway. I have wondered about upgrading the PD-8's to PDX-100's but there doesn't seem to be room. Another possibility would be PD-85's in the rack position; they have the same size pad as the PD-8's I think, but no plastic rim. Anyway, the present set-up seems good for my TD-11; I think it's easier to hit dead centre on rack toms (missing the plastic rim) than on floor toms. so I like the larger PDX-100's on the floor. I use a PD-105 for snare and it all fits nicely.
    Roland TD-11: PD-105 snare, PDX-100 toms (3); CY-13R ride; CY-12 crash (2); KD-9 kick; Iron Cobra HP900 kick pedal; VH-10 hi-hat; Iron Cobra HH605 hi-hat stand; Simmons DA200s monitor; Sony MDR-7520 and Audioquest Nightowl headphones; AD2; VEX Apex, Sync, Icons, Boost, Masters 1-2; Drum-Tec LA Studios, Real Acoustic, Alternate Rock Sound Editions