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Having a trigger velocity issue with the KD-120

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  • Having a trigger velocity issue with the KD-120


    I'm struggling a bit to understand why my kickdrum won't trigger the higher velocities unless I kick ridiculously hard.

    The problem could lie with the drum module or audio interface, though I've given that some consideration already.

    Are there common adjustments to the VDrum itself that address this issue? Am I just a sissy foot?

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    Inp Sens [​First button on right above Trig/Trig Level button], Dynamics
    "Input Sensitivity is used to
    match the output signal of the
    pad or trigger device connected to the Trig Input of the selected channel .

    The Input Trig Level LEDs provides informa- tion on the trigger signals from the pads . The green LED will indicate that a trigger signal is received . The red LED will blink quickly when the trigger signal is 3 dB below the maximum and it will be lit up in a longer duration when the maximum signal is fed to the Trig Input .
    Adjust the Inp Sens parameter to make sure that only your hardest strike lights up the red LED in its longer duration on the Input Trig Level LEDs .

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      Thank you for the suggestions! I think the kick pad has more dynamic range than the nord module and nord pads, which was irking me, but I'll get over it. I can get a max velocity sound from the nord pad much more easily than with the kick pad.

      For my purposes (recording midi) I will be alright with the adjustments you suggest.

      Also it pleases me that "Sissy Foot" will be put to good use. I will surely buy the record.