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Yamaha PCY135 not triggering correctly

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  • Yamaha PCY135 not triggering correctly

    I have a Yamaha PCY135 cymbal connected as Crash-2 on my TD-11. It was working great for the past nine months. However, lately it only triggers correctly on the lower portion of the cymbal. If I hit the cymbal closer to the sides (not edge), it triggers but only slightly. If I hit near the top/upper portion, there’s nearly no sound at all. I have switched the two crash cymbal cables around to see if it is a module or a cymbal thing. The problem stayed with the cymbal so the module appears to be fine. Also, as a test, I connected a mono TS cable to the PCY135 but had the same result. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    If it is still under warranty, go that route first. Otherwise, and if you are comfortable opening up the bottom, I would remove the 9 or 10 screws it seems are there, pull the cover, and check for a broken solder joint on the PCB the jack mounts into (particularly if you are a heavy hitter) and also any wire connections to the piezo. Then check for good ribbon cable connections at all three connection points, perhaps you'll find something loose there.
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      Thanks Mesh, yes it is still under warranty, so I assume that's the way to go.


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        I must give a two thumbs up to Yamaha ! I sent them an email explaining my situation. Much to my surprise, ten days later a complete new PCY135 in the original package with cable and connecting hardware arrived in the mail. Now that's customer support. Thank you Yamaha....