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Double sound on snare.

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  • Double sound on snare.

    Hi there: For the last two weeks, every time I hit my TD-10 snare, I get a double sound. Very annoying. Anyone have a clue what the problem may be and how to fix it? I get the same thing sometimes on Tom 4. Thanks in advance, guys!


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    If you mean double sound as in same as the first sound, like a fast re-trigger, an auto-roll or double strike can try increasing the "Mask" time setting for your snare and tom. Such is under advanced trigger options, page 111-112 in the English TD-10 manual.

    If is some other pad or adjacent trigger's sound as the 'echo', check crosstalk settings? (such would be a layered sound as in two starting at the same time, not double as in re-trigger)
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      Thank you, Mesho. The problem seems to be a fast re-trigger. I tried your suggestion and it seemed to work. I appreciate your help. Ben