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Broken rubber rim in PDX-8 pad: is it even replaceable?

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  • Broken rubber rim in PDX-8 pad: is it even replaceable?

    Hi guys. I own a TD-15K v drum and it's been amazing, but I'm afraid I have broken the rubber rim of my PDX-8 snare pad because I use too much rimshot. I have investigating and, apparently, these rubber rims are prone to break. The point is that I live in Chile and there are no dealers or sellers of V drum replacements (except for whole pads). So my question is if there's a website that sells these rubber rims? I don't even know if these rubber rims are replaceable, because I managed to remove the mesh head and hoop, but, apparently in the PDX-8 pad, the rubber rim is somehow built in the pad. I'd be so grateful if you guys could help me. Excuse me for the english!

    Greetings from Chile

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    I'm sure I have seen them on eBay.


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      Originally posted by KennyinDundee View Post
      I'm sure I have seen them on eBay.
      I just found an 8 inch rubber rim, but the PDX-8 is 10". Again, I don't even know if it is replaceable, Roland support forwarded my message to Roland Latin America and they didn't answer.