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Expanding / modding the TD-4KP: Can I mod in an extra input?

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  • Expanding / modding the TD-4KP: Can I mod in an extra input?

    I own a TD-4KP, Rolandís fold-up kit. Iím pretty happy with it but Iím frustrated by the lack of expandability. Officially its not really expandable: you can just upgrade the snare pad. Thing is, the TD4 module it includes seems to support a crash2 input - its just that the wiring loom supplied with the 4KP doesnít have a crash2 cable!

    Id love the get access to that extra input! I figured there must be a way to mod in an extra cable or jack socket to use as a crash 2.

    Before I started soldering wires and cutting holes, I thought I should test what could work. I took a jack cable, cut it open and attached a pin to each of the tip/ring/sleeve wires. Its not very pretty, but now I can plug any of those 3 wires directly into any any of the holes in the D25 input connector on the TD4 (but only the 3 wires, not the whole D25 connector).

    I referenced the TD4 wiring diagram thatís stickied in this forum. And with this method I can connect a single pad or cymbal to the module directly and it works as it should. But when I connect a cymbal or pad to the holes that should be the crash 2 input, nothing happens. Iíve tried different arrangements of pins and the crash2 or ride bell setting on the module.

    So if this test works with inputs like snare, ride and crash 1, why wouldnít the same thing work for Crash2? Perhaps thereís some setting on the module Iím missing? Does crash2 work differently to other inputs? Maybe the TD4-KP module isnít actually the same as other TD4 modules? Is the wiring diagram accurate?

    Google hasn't helped me, so hopefully thereís some experienced v-drummers or modders here who might have ideas of things I could try?