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KD-140 volume very low

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  • KD-140 volume very low

    Hello all, I have a stock TD-30KV kit with very little tweeking so far. Set all sliders to "0", however, the volume of the kick has been very low: I can hear the beater hitting the head ambient sound while wearing headphones over the sound generated by the sound module. I get three green bars on the meter of the module on the hardest hit of the beater. Any suggestions on recommended settings of the KD-140? Thank you for any input, it may be something very simple that I'm not familiar with yet, new to e-drums.

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    Could be trigger sensitivity too low, or possibly mesh head tension too low. How does it sound when hitting the Preview pad near the bottom right of the module?
    TD-30 module, PDP A2E (22, 16, 14, 12, 10), Quartz triggers,
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      See page 38 of the manual - you need to set the sensitivity after connecting the kick pad. The meter should be in the red for your hardest hits.


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        Thank you all for your input. It turned out to be a combination of a couple problems: as Deeej and Bud7h4 suggested, sensitivity was too low in addition to the headphones did not have enough bottom end. I was using AKG 271 MKII and decided to try a set of ATH M50x, boy what a difference, the kick came alive with the gentlest hit. Thanks again