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missed hits with TD-8 and PD-80R

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  • missed hits with TD-8 and PD-80R

    What I thought to be a bad energy on certain venues, seems to be a problem with my snare settings.
    Now What settings did you change from factory ones using this same gear???
    I know crosstalk is important in this matter, but whatelse???
    I need to know how to get there, not getting there out of the blue.I need some help with those settings.
    Some guys say lowering some settings will do, but the manual doesnīt say so.
    Please enlighten me.I use my Vīs all the time live and the snare wonīt sound sometimes.

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    Sometimes my snare misses (a little during a double stroke roll) if I touch my kit while it's still warming up. Try re-booting, avoid vibration to the rack (music included, like tell the bass player to stop playing for 10 seconds).

    If that doesn't work, usually my snare needs retuning. Then, reboot again (like above).

    Hope this helps,



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      funkyjojo, make sure your crosstalk setting for the snare trigger is set to 0. [SETUP]-->[F1 (TRIG)]-->[F2 (ADVNCD)].
      I was missing hits on the snare recently and found this tip via the almighty search engine. Hope it helps.