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Technical question TK-11K installing driver on laptop

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  • Technical question TK-11K installing driver on laptop

    I am new here and I am not sure if this is the right area to post........I am having a problem installing this driver on my laptop......was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and what they did to fix the situation......


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    Im running my TD-11 through a laptop works great. Im not sure if you are running Windows or Mac -- Im a Win GUY. The windows driver comes in two flavors Win7 and/or Win8.

    Heres a link to the latest driver(s).

    Win7 --

    Win8 --

    The biggest thing is to disconnect the USB cable (or turn off the module) prior to installation.


    1. Start up Windows with all USB cables disconnected.
    (except for keyboard and mouse)
    2. Exit all applications before you begin the installation.
    3. Double-click the Setup icon.
    4. A confirmation screen regarding User Account Control will appear, click [Yes].
    5. The message "TD-11 Driver will be installed on your computer. ---" will appear. Click [Next].
    6. Click [Next] to begin installation.
    7. If a dialog box regarding Windows Security appears, click [Install].
    8. The message "Ready to install the driver. ---" will appear.
    9. Use a USB cable to connect the TD-11 to your computer, then turn on the TD-11.
    The driver will be installed automatically.
    10. When the "Installation has been completed." message appears, installation has been completed.
    Click [Close] to close the "Driver Setup" dialog box.
    11. If the "System Settings Change" dialog box appears, click [Yes] to restart Windows.
    12. Refer to "Before you begin," and make the necessary settings for using the TD-11. You won't be able to use the TD-11 unless you make these settings.

    Good luck,
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    • rexnavarette
      rexnavarette commented
      Editing a comment
      hello, my laptop says "USB device not recognized" every time I go to step 9
      still have not installed the driver after a couple of tries on step 9
      please help

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    Thanks so much for info........I am on it this morning.........


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      There must be something wrong with laptop.......won't install. I am getting message that previous version has to be uninstalled.......so I did. One message says it has finished uninstalling, but I repeat process and I keep getting the same message. This morning, I was uninstalling from the download I got from Roland and it showed it was uninstalling and it ran for approx. 2-1/2 hours without any results......


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        I'm not sure if you are running Windows or Mac. I've installed Win7 and Win8 without a problem. You may want to contact Roland - It may take them a while to get back to you but they are helpful.




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          Thanks for your help on this............I was so frustrated with it, I went and bought another laptop. Now everything is up and running. Being an acoustic purist for over 30 years, the electronics way, is all new to me. I read somewhere on here that someone posted " I am a drummer, not a computer geek".......we all have ways of solving our problems..................I solved mine yesterday.


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            Glad you are up and running Joe. Doesn't is just bug you though that it seems like throwing money at a problem seems to be the only fix - I know it does me.