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Multiple users on same drum set

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  • Multiple users on same drum set

    We have started using electronic drums at church. What I need to know: Is there a Roland module that allows for multiple users? Such things as sensitivity, threshold, attack, and other paramiters need to been set for different playing styles. Any help is appreciated.
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    I would assume that any module that lets you save your settings on a flash card (or flash drive) would work. When you start your session, restore your custom settings from the flash medium.


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      The TD-8, 10, 12, 20, 20X, 30 all have four Trigger Banks so that about 15 various trigger settings (including Sensitivity, Threshold, Velocity Curve etc.) can all be instantly switched as a single unit.



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        On top of the trigger banks, you can do backups of all the settings to USB sticks and load/save them quite easily. Both the TD9 and TD30 can do this, I'm sure the other modules have the ability too

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