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TD30 - Hi-Hat sound/sustain cuts off during looped pattern play

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  • Iyce
    Hmm, I figured it out after some toying...

    Solution: just leave the hi-hat open and plan on playing whatever on it if you're using patterns around the kit.

    Good to know. Guess you learn something new every day.

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  • TD30 - Hi-Hat sound/sustain cuts off during looped pattern play


    I have an unusual issue that doesn't seem to occur with the default kits using looped patterns.

    I have a "user kit" set up that was originally copied from the default #1 kit Studio and since then modified to suit my needs.

    I recorded a pattern of a simple groove, set to loop. This pattern is set to Tom 4's rim.

    Without the pattern playing, the hi-hats trigger normally. That is, they sizzle and sustain as expected.

    However, with the pattern playing, the hi-hats (and only the hi-hats; the cymbals are fine) cut out when I do a bite or otherwise play with them so they sizzle.

    Does anyone have any idea why this would be the case? No other kit has this issue...

    I have updated to the latest firmware and the issue persists.

    Any ideas would be awesome!