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Cross Stick volume on the TD-8

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  • Cross Stick volume on the TD-8

    Is there anyway to turn up the cross stick volume on the TD-8? I know you can on the TD-10 but I have gone through the churches TD-8 manual and cannot seem to find it anywhere. Thanks
    Ted H.

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    You go to the mixer settings and than you hit the rim, voilá, you have the EXTRA setting you look for.


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      I have had the same problem, and I have increased the mixter-volume for my rhim sound, just as you said. But after that, the volume of the cross click was ok, but the rhim shot was much to loud. Is there any way to differentiate between the cross click vs. the rhim shot sound?? Thanks for any comments in advance (I´m also using a TD8, BTW)


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        Are you saying "rhim" on purpose or do you just hit the "H" by mistake?

        (don't have an answer just wondering)


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          to emc:

          Sorry for my bad spelling! I meant rim.

          to harlock:

          Thank you for your answer. It´s hard to believe that there is no possiblility to control the volume of the rim shot separately. But there is obviously no solution of this problem...


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            Yeah, this is a pain. I like a nice loud cross-stick from time to time, but can't do it on the TD8. You can change the level at which a cross-stick becomes a rim-shot, but I have never found this setting very flexible.

            A workaround would be to assign a cross-stick sound to the rim-shot, and just sacrifice the rim-shot (which I use much less anyway).



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              Just another reason why the TD-10 RULES!!!

              Does anyone know if the new update allows you to set it independently like the TD-10?

              Ted H.
              Ted H.


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                Some of the selectible snare sounds are a snare/rim shot combination. They are probably also velocity sensitive as to how much "rim shot" you get. Would this help?

                I also play at Church and use cross-stick a lot. A rim shot would probably be an accident in my case.
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