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Testing an E-Cymbal - WITHOUT a Module / Brain ?

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  • Testing an E-Cymbal - WITHOUT a Module / Brain ?

    Sold ALL my E-drums. EVERYTHING.(I thought) But recently I found 2 yamaha PCY65s's in an old box.
    I'd like to sell them....but if memory serves me correct, I remember 1 did not work.(register hits properly).
    Don't want to sell something that's broken.
    So how can I test them ? -WITH NO MODULE -
    I have some 1/4 jacks- Is there a way, with some device ( like maybe a multimeter ) to test them for current./ sound /etc ? etc ?
    And what would be the procedure if using a multimeter...? or another device?

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    DMM probably wont respond fast enough to give you a reading. Plug it into a line in on your computer or other audio device and hit it, make sure the volume is down low.


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      Tried that mbejackson, and got nothing. Even tried a mic jack and it just produces a thud.


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        Have you got a friend nearby that happens to have a drum-module? ....or maybe a drumshop, that would be okay with you testing your pads on one of their floor-kits?


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          Yeah you want to test with a module. And you will also need a brain
          I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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            Give DSPTrigger a shot. Plug into the mic or line in of your computer. It will see the hit and output a graphic. If you have VST, you can trigger sounds as well.
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              Originally posted by xFullMetalx View Post
              Tried that mbejackson, and got nothing. Even tried a mic jack and it just produces a thud.
              Not real sure of the PCY's construction and jack wiring, just my quick and dirty way of checking triggers, not FSR's or switches. Should have read your post twice.