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I'm sorry: Can Vdrum pads be used with a different vendor's module?

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  • I'm sorry: Can Vdrum pads be used with a different vendor's module?

    I searched and found the opposite can be true; roland modules might be compatible with other brand pads, sometimes with limited connect-ability/features...but is the opposite true?

    Can i buy my variation of Vdrum pads and cymbals and have them communicate with say, another module that has individual inputs for each pad? Are the out's on Vdrum's standard 1/4" mono (or stereo when dual-triggered?). This is my main question. You can't yell at me because i searched.

    A broader variation of the question: are electronic drum pads all the same mechanically, in that, you can hook up any pad with any module? or do some companies brand you with their version of connectivity?


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    You have to be more specific. General answer could be "yes", but there are (many) exceptions ...
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      i'm unsure of what you'd like me to be more specific on...

      I'm researching...
      CY-12C / CY-13R
      and KD-120

      If I buy these parts will a 1/4" stereo cord produced a sound when each are connected to...an Alesis DM10 Drum Module?

      or better yet..if i just buy the td-15kv can i swap out the module for (for example) an Alesis DM10 Drum Module which has singular inputs for each trigger/pad (not the bundled wiring required to connect to Roland's TD-11 module, for example.


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        Welcome to the forum, edmossward!

        The big stumbling block in pretty much any case will be the hihat controller. There is downright 'nada' compatibility between the hihat-controller by 'brand X' and a module by 'brand Y'.

        More specifically:
        • Practically all Alesis units on the lower-end use a 'switch controller' pedal for their hihat.
        • Roland and Yamaha both use 'variable controller' pedals for their modules. But they are NOT interchangeable, because the Roland controllers have reversed polarity, I believe.
        • 2Box has its own optical, proprietary hihat system, which uses a hall effects sensor and a magnet.

        Regarding the pads:

        As long as you confine yourself to using single-zone pads, ie. head-zone only, you should be relatively trouble-free.
        The problems begin to appear once you add in the second (rim-) zone: Yamaha uses rim-switches for the second (and third) zones, while Roland uses piezo/piezo pads all around, apart from the cymbals.

        For even more compatibility blah, look here for 'Yamaha module with Roland pads'....


        ....and '2box module with Yamaha/Roland pads'.


        That should summarize the matter pretty neatly...


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