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Roland Td-8 Input Jack Problem - PLEASE Help!

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  • Roland Td-8 Input Jack Problem - PLEASE Help!

    Hello my friends! I am new in this forum (just signed up). I've got a problem with my Roland Td-8 module. I bought it some days ago (second hand). The first day I tried it, it worked perfectly. I tried to explore its sounds and settings and the next day I had this problem: The bass drum don't work. I use it with the Roland Kd-8 pad. I have connected them with a stereo jack to the TD-8 1/2 kick port. When I hit the KD-8, there is no power coming to the module. The "trigger" light do not switch. If I connect the KD-8 pad to other ports, it works. If I connect other pads to this (1/2 kick) port, the do not work. I went to a technician (Electronic for T.V.,video, e.t.c.). He checked it and he told me that it looks like brand new. The only problem is that the polarity is turned left to right in the exact port, so maybe I have to find somewhere in the menu the way to change it back. Later I remembered that the TD-8 has 2 double ports (The 1/2 and 11/12) so that you can attach 2 pads in one port. So, the trigger light should light in both left and right channels of the input. In other words, it should work and recognize the signal even if the ports are switched.
    Is it a hardware problem or not? Please help...

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    Try a mono cable.

    What trigger type is selected for input 1 at SETUP, TRIG? (Should be KD7.)