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TD20 with TMC6 - low output from percussion set

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  • TD20 with TMC6 - low output from percussion set

    Hi guys,

    Setting up a new kit consisting of TD20 with a TMC6 for additonal cymbals and drums. I have followed the basic set up described on this forum elsewhere.

    I have tuned every TMC6 trigger to the sound and pan position as I want without dramas.

    My problem is that all the TMC-6 triggered sounds have very low overall output compared to the TD20 output. I have adjusted volume to 127 (max) on each but they are all still barely audible compared to the regular output of the TD20 pads.

    Any know what silly, basic error I'm doing that is causing this?


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    Tried adjusting the PERC fader (when the bottom LED is lit with the FADER button)?

    There's also a separate volume level for the PERC part at PATTERN, PART (F2), MIXER (F4) (then fifth "fader" marked PERC).

    I'm not sure what you've set to 127, as there are no volume levels on a TMC-6.

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