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Roland V-Drums triggers double notes

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  • Roland V-Drums triggers double notes

    Roland vDrums Forum Post

    Greetings drummers,

    this is my first post in this forum and some things could be out of place, please just tell me.

    So, I bought already used Roland TD4 on ebay 2 weeks ago. I'm a guitarist from nature, but nevertheless I always wanted to drum and it's been a blast and I want to continue to lern to play drums

    Short explanation is pretty simple.
    If you want it to get complicated read the status from Midi Monitor.

    Anyhow, even I'm a bit advanced in using audio plugins for the most purposes and I had my share with midi and so on, I'm having trouble to understand the nature of the problem I'm having with my TD4:

    Pads used: HH, Ride
    Plugins/modules: TD4, Superior Drummer, NI's Modern Drummer

    Error: HH and Ride are sending a double hit by one shot/ hit. (edge only issue) 1st hit (intended) - edge. 2nd hit - bow.

    Please look for the possible solution I've reasoned out below first!

    I can see the double hit on the display of the TD4.
    I can see the double hit in SD/MD.
    I can see the double hit using MIDI Monitor by Snoize (you can skeep this)

    I recieve following notes (the number at the end is the velocity):

    HH Pad Example:

    HH closed (pedal) / 127
    HH bow F#1 (note on/off) / 127
    HH edge A# / 127

    HH open (pedal) / 0
    HH bow A#1 / 127
    HH edge D0 / 127

    Sofar so good hitting the HH just once, but then I hit the HH (edge only issue) repeatedly (1/8 for instance) then we have:

    HH closed
    HH edge A# / 127, F#1 / 5
    HH edge A# / 127, F#1 / 10
    HH edge A# / 127, F#1 / 9
    HH edge A# / 127, F#1 / 12
    ... and so on. Happening sporadically!
    At the same time TD4-module (display) jumps between 46 (A#2) and 26 (D1). The same is with the Open HH and Ride, without clastering you with the status messages again. But if you need those - no problem.


    At first I though it would be SD, MD fault, but after listening closely TD4 plays the double hit as well just very quietly. So, only after playing SD/MD I could hear the double hit.

    Could be something physicaly broken? Like the pads by overusing or the TD4-module itself?
    Do I have to configure something I still don't know of?

    Ok, possible cause: I exchanged the cords between Ride (right hand side) and Crash (left hand side) between eachother and as the matter of fact Crash is no having the issue.

    Ok, question to the possible cause: Does it seem right to you, is it a common issue and can it be fixed before running off and buying new cymbal and hh-pads?

    I hope all the evil happening because I'm a guitarist , but I maybe you could help me anyway. O

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    Welcome to the forum, TonTon!

    Is the problem apparent even when you are not using any plugins? - ie. do you get double-triggering when only playing module sounds? ...this would suggest that 're-trig cancel' or 'mask-time' parameters would need tweaking.


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        My guess (because things changed when you moved cables) is that this could just be from cable vibrations. Try tapping the cables alone and you'll see how sensitive they are (on all modules).

        Try re-routing or attaching the cables so that they don't get affected so much by the movement of the cymbals.

        You can't dance on these cables like you could on a guitar cable!



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          Hey Bruce and thanks for replying!

          After not be able to figure out the problem I was short before paranoid about the sensitivity of the cables als well. The HH cable jack just keeps turning through vibration and leaning against the bottom of the HH. But we can rull that out (at least for now) because the issue is present even at the feather light hits. And as for the cymbals I checked cables as well, the are innocent in this matter because they are already the way you suggested!

          Hahaha, I'm almost hopfull my dancing gets improved by playing drums


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            have you checked the retrigger settings in theodule? does the td4 allow to adjust retrigger?
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              Yes Cheddies I have and it does, thanks! Still can't figure out if an upgrade to TD9-module would be less prone to that issue or not though. Overused pads I almost rulled out.


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                The hihat on the td9 that I use at rehearsal double triggers when its slightly loose on its mount point. Tightening the mount shoves the issue. Not sure if this is the problem here with the td4

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                  Hey Campster, thanks for sharing,

                  at fist I had them very lose aspecialy the cymbal pads. Right now the cymbals are slightly lose and HH is moderate tightened up. I think that's a great advise you gave. Cymbals, if lose, can bounce back and triger again!

                  I have them lose like our drummer used to have or at least what I experienced on acoustic drums so far. It gives me some of the lost feeling for playing on real drums back. But if it's wrong for edrums in generall then it should be tightened up as well. I'll try that next time I'm behind the set.

                  Maybe some info on how lose or tight you or others have the pads have set up could give some insight on that matter. Just comparisson.


                  • campster
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                    campster commented
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                    The TD-9 kit I play uses the CY-5 (same as yours i believe). When it's the tiniest bit loose and moves ever so slightly after i hit it, it double triggers by itself (not me hitting it a second time). I suspect its because it's getting old and worn. The advertising for the CY-5 said it allows "swing motion". Probably worth tightening up just to see if that fixes your issue.

                    also see this thread: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/forum/ge...iggering-issue

                    I personally own a TD30KV which has the much more realistic VH-13 hi hat that mounts on a real hihat stand...it's so much nicer to play then a fixed rubber pad.

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                  Word ahead, I still didn't try your suggestion, sorry for that, but the reason for me not to instantly apply your suggestion is simple. It double triggers just by (literaly) touching/slightly hiting it with the drum stick. So, there is no swinging of the HH involved. Yes, you're correct, it's the cy-5 and of all 3 pads (ride, kick and hh) it's the only one that still double triggers after all the settings applied.

                  I don't mind hitting the rubber. What bothers me though is that I have to play with headphones because the plastic bow behind the rubber is so damn loud.
                  Anyway, I went for the TD4 as the smallest and I was almost positive won't be using the internal sounds of the module. Well I played them for a while and it is surely nice not to play with headphones, but after a while... oh well.

                  The reason I'm saying is this that I could have went for TD9, but it seemed very simmilar to the TD4 regarding the pads set. And since the sounds did not matter, so TD4 it was.

                  The other thing is expandability. I would be able to add one extra cymbal what I probably take in consideration. Wouldn't mind having 3 small extra pads/mini cymbals for tamborin and stuff. Don't know if something like this exists, will be searching. The question would still remain - how to add them to the set.

                  Maybe you could share with me the total extra triggers/pads you can add to your set. According to this picture you could only one crash: http://www.musiciansbuy.com/mmMBCOM/...d_td9_Alt2.jpg But I heard of people using adapters or somthing. Don't know how it works though.

                  edit: and thanks for the link, I've read it.