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clean up in aisle 7

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  • clean up in aisle 7

    I got a dirty TD-11K set ,what do I use to spruce it up?Anything I should avoid to polish them?What do you folks use and why?

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    Welcome to the forum, sevanace!

    For the cymbals you can use a thing called '303 Aerospace Protectant'.
    It comes in a spray-can form. Make sure you use a cloth. Apply onto the cloth and then wipe the cymbal-surface with it. Don't apply it directly to the cymbal!

    For the hardware-parts ie. everything that's metal like the rack-tubes, cymbal booms and tom-holders, I have made good experience with simple window-cleaner (...I guess 'WindEx' would be something that you may have available over there) and a roll of common kitchen-paper.

    For the module itself, don't use anything fancy...
    Take a soft cloth, Soak it in water, then wring it so it's merely damp, and wipe off the module. Make sure the cloth is damp, but not wet - there's electronics inside, you know...

    Afterwards, rub the module dry with another (dry) cloth, and you should be good to go!


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      Put the mesh head in a dishwasher or Oxyclean. Bruce