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Malfunctioning VH-12 hats

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  • Malfunctioning VH-12 hats

    Have been working to try and resolve strange triggering issue on VH-12 Hats. When the hats are closed firmly I am still getting wash sounds on some strokes as if I were easing off on the pedal. I have peeled back the rubber on the top cymbal and cleaned as best possible. When I was inside I noticed that the ribbon or film sensor that runs across the front edge between the arrows has come away from the plastic in about a three inch strip. The rest of it is still firmly attached. Would it be a bad idea to use a non solvent type of glue to re attach the film to the plastic surface?
    Additionally I looked at all of the solder joints on both the top and bottom cymbals and retouched them up with my iron as they all looked potentially like cold joints. This helped with the problem a little bit but has not totally cleared it up. I am reasonably convinced that the issue does not lie in the bottom cymbal plunger that determines the open or closed state of the hats, because if I leave the hats open and reach in I can push the plunger down to simulate the closed position and do not hear any false triggers while moving the plunder up and down.
    To recap, I am wondering if the loose ribbon / film on the top cymbal could be responsible for the triggering issue and if it is OK to glue it back down the cymbal surface?

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    Im not sure about the glue but some KRT (Killer Red Tape) should do nicely to secure the sensor back in place.
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    I had this same thing happen to me and it was the wires going into the plunger from the bottom cymbal.it start as an intermittent and eventually let go all together.I removed and replaced the wire and opened up the hold the wires pass though to relieve any strain .worked perfect after that
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