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Decrease Rebound in Roland 11KV Pads - Possible?

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  • Decrease Rebound in Roland 11KV Pads - Possible?

    Hello there good people

    I own a TD-11KV. I like it a lot, except of the pads rebounds. The snare doesn't bother me, as the toms.

    I'm thinking about a creative, cheap way, to decrease the rebound of the pads - How about wrap\paste some matriel (some kind of thin matriel, maybe foam) on the upper pads? Maybe try to insert some underneath the pads?

    What do you think as a DIY people?

    Has anyone brought this idea before?



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    The consensus around here is tightening a mesh head will reduce the feeling of playing on a trampoline and get closer to a real drum head feel.
    I haven't tried it myself.

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      Kurt83 - Tightening? really?
      I did it for my snare, and it feels good, but it's a snare..
      For my toms head, tightening them gives me the opposite feeling: tight hits and hard rebound.. Then I go back to my acoustic kit, and the different is felt. Only the toms though.. All the rest feels pretty much the same (snare, cymbals, kick).

      For the toms heads I prefer something to make the sticks hits sink a bit.

      Thanks for the help

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        Originally posted by Oridoron7 View Post
        Tightening? really?


        The goal here is basically to protect the trigger-cone to being exposed to unnecessary 'force', that would occur if you hit it directly!

        To have the heads tensioned 'Finger-tight' may not quite work, so give it a turn or two with the tuning-key!

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          hairmetal-81 - Thanks for the warning. I gave it another turn to the right, to tightening it more.

          Now... Is there any recommended material to put on the top of the head, to give it the feel of a real drum skin?



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            Not that I know of...

            But I seem to detect from your replies that you don't seem to be too happy with mesh heads. Maybe mesh simply isn't for you. It happens - I'm not fond of mesh either!

            Have you tried looking/playing on other surfaces? There are a few other alternatives like rubber-pads, Yamaha's DTX silicon pads or the new Aquarian OnHead. Can't hurt to try and see if you prefer the feel of a different surface more.

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            "My best friends' name is J-SON. They used to call him 'Mr. Parse.' He has an 'Error'..!"



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              hairmetal-81 - I might use different skins, I didn't know those can be put on the roland heads.. thanks
              Until I do that, I already stretched a cotton shirt on the top of the toms (double for the floor tom head), and it feels pretty nice. The only problem is the isolierband tape coming of after an hour of playing.