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VH-11 and Steven Slate Drums

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  • VH-11 and Steven Slate Drums

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    I used a FD-7/CY-5 combination for years and it was great. I have since upgraded to the TD-30KV which has the VH-13 and it's a great instrument from the player's perspective, but from what I understand, using VST's the FD-7 will be every bit as good at transmitting the CC4 data to the plug-in. Plus, it's simpler in that you don't have to calibrate it and fuss with it perhaps as much as the two piece units (VH-12 and 13).

    I also had a VH-11 for a day and actually went back to the CY5/FD-7 combo at that time with my TD-15 and I found it no better at actually laying down tracks. The CY-5 is a two-zone pad, so you capture essentially the same data as your VH-11, just without the movement up/down. The VH-11 is more fun to play in a way, but not better at generating good tracks per se.

    So, I would look on eBay and you'll find FD-7's going for about $50 if you hit it right. You can't go wrong because you can always unload it if you don't like it.

    Hope this helps.
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      You have to set it up correctly first, I just got a VH-11 and it works great once it was set up right, You need to read your manual on your TD-12 and the manual on the VH-11 and follow exact procedure. After that you have to fine tune the adjuster on top of the cymbal either way till it plays good. Make sure your trigger is set to VH-11 it will be #6 in the trigger view.

      I find when playing VST's I have to change the CC max from 90 to 127 and CC resolution from normal to High,( Trigger then F1 to open the window ) Then just adjust the offset adjustment dial on top of the hat so you don't need a lot of pressure to get a reading of 127 full closed,( Do this adjustment while watching the display meter ) You should make sure you have a good quality Hi Hat stand that will allow you to adjust a tight spring tension, This will give you tight crisp hi hat lifts and smooth transition form closed to open. Hope this helps you.

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