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Moving an individual instrument from one kit to another?

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  • Moving an individual instrument from one kit to another?

    I love the black beauty snare on the strike pack for the TD30, how would I go about moving this snare with all settings intact to another kit on the module thus only replacing the snare drum?

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    I'm pretty sure that the librarian-software/-editor VdrumLib will allow you to do this!


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      You can do it using the td30 module itself or using software like vdrumlib/td30browser.

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        As the others said, you can do it in the module (page 63 of the manual, hold down shift, and press USB MEM, select instrument) Or, if you are a Windows user, you can use my TD30Browser software found here:


        in that case, a simple drag and drop will let you copy that snare to whatever kit you want.

        And, of course, there's vdrumlib as well.
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