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Urgent Help Please-- Serious Problems with dynamic response

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  • Urgent Help Please-- Serious Problems with dynamic response


    Im having a serious problem.My setup: TD-30K with VH13 HH and 128 Snare pad upgrades.

    Just background: im a professional drummer for nearly 30 years. Worked with top artists, so please consider that while i describe my problem (i have real control over my playing dynamics).

    When hitting the snare and tom pads in a physically constant intensity (hand intensity), the triggers are not constant and give me different dynamic responses, some loud and some quiet, while i am not changing playing dynamic at all. Well, certainly not NEARLY as much as the response coming from the pads.

    This drives me crazy and not letting me really play in a dynamic way. Only when i hit super hard do i get an expected response from the pads. But why spend 5.5k for a non dynamic kit...?

    Ive played around with the sensitivity levels of course, but I either lose dynamics all together (higher settings), or its this crazy random response from the pads in normal settings (between 4-7).
    I can not predict what they will do as far as levels. I know its the pads and not the samples or anything as it shows this heretic behavior in the bar indicator.

    Am i missing something?

    Please help ASAP as this is killing a recording session here.



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    I have not experienced this problem. Make sure your heads are good and tight. Tighter seems to be better. They will not tear, break. It just seems like it.
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      Do you play in medium/soft dynamics a lot? for hitting hard it plays great, but once i get into the Med/Soft areas it is certainly not reproducing my dynamics and rather doing whatever it wants...
      If you do play in Med/Soft and NOT encountering any problems, would you be kind enough to share your full trigger snare settings?



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        Is this a new behavior on your kit or was it always this way? Your kit should definitely let you experience good dynamics.
        Are all kit pieces affected the same way? HH? Snare? Toms? Cymbals?


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          Its a new kit. The snare a toms definitely behave this way. Its more crucial for the snare obviously since most dynamic work is done on it. Went back to the store to check their demo floor unit and see if its the same. well, it is the same... so i guess its part of the way the TD 30+ tese pads behave. I am quite surprised though,... any of you play at low dynamics without fine tuning the sensitivity and other settings?


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            Does this happen only while playing in the center of the drum?

            (...if so, you just ran into a 'hotspot' issue.)

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              Sounds like the kit is being, or was, played "loose". Roland specifies in their manual that the heads are to be tightened upon setup. If this is not done, it will wear the cones down very fast and or produce very inconsistent triggering. (like you're describing) My guess, if it's new, you're experiencing inconsistent head vibration that sometimes cancels out other strokes. Tightening the heads will improve/remove the issue. Reset all pads to their default settings.
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                Thanks for the input. YES it is when played in the center. i guess it IS a hotspot issue then. Can i get some input to the length of that? Thanks so much!!


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                there are a few techniques for configuring the pad settings to minimise the effects hotspot. I found a list of steps on this forum a year or two ago, but alas, can't seem to find it now...

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                  Found a lot of threads in the last day or two. All flimsy incomplete solutions. This is a big fiasco in my opinion. As acoustic drummers we practice for years how to get the best sound from the drum, which is usually dead center of the head... suddenly we have to avoid the center!!?? that is ridiculous... and on top of that there is absolutely NO WAY of mimicking the behavior of a real drum if every time you play the center you do not know what to expect as far as volume. Real drums are such intricate instruments and now this...
                  None of the solutions offered here allows using this kit as a drums replacement. After all the technology put into this and money it costs(i have the td30k w vh13 and pd128 upgrades) the pad design just ruins the whole thing and basically allows 2 dynamics- very hard and one more dynamic level. Maybe its for Metal and EDM players only...


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                    I can just agree with you. Never liked center mounted sensors ...
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                      When hitting the snare and tom pads in a physically constant intensity (hand intensity), the triggers are not constant and give me different dynamic responses, some loud and some quiet, while i am not changing playing dynamic at all. Well, certainly not NEARLY as much as the response coming from the pads.
                      The contact patch of the cone is approximately 7 mm in diameter, which is quite a small target. If you are striking the drum with constant velocity but the accuracy varies between hits directly over the contact point and hits that miss the contact point, you might well be noticing the "hot" spot that has been mentioned. However, if you pick a spot off center, and constant velocity hits to that area produce different dynamic responses, the TD-30 manual suggests the scan time adjustment can be used to regulate this. If you're getting consistent response as long as the hits are off center, try lowering the sensitivity to 1 or 2 and sample the different velocity curves for the snare. I bet you can find the settings that work for you.
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