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To Connect TD15KV to iPad - Garage band

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  • To Connect TD15KV to iPad - Garage band

    Hi - I would like to connect my TD 15KV to iPad Garagae band and I am using the normal USB cable between roland USB port & ipad [the cable which comes along with apple products] ,I am not able to establish the connection rather its not detecting it - How should I do this setup?What I am missing here...I am trying to connect and record my play as a track in Garage band?Please help

    Roland TD 15KV/Roland SPD-SX/Yamaha DTX Multi12/Maschine MK2

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    I don't think that a) the iPad has drivers for the TD15 and b) it is fast enough to process the signals. But that's just my two cents...
    TD-11 with 1xPDX 100 and 2x 12" drum-tec Diabolo pads, VH-11, CY 15R, CY-8 + various VSTi's.


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      Roland modules are easily connected to an iPad running Garage Band. Please check out the February 2013 edition (it's free) where we run through some of the interface options as you will need a MIDI/USB/iOS adapter of some sort. Bottom line is you can probably get away with a $10 eBay purchase that will soon have you up an running.
      We'll be reviewing a few more advanced iOS interfaces in our May edition.
      . digitalDrummer
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        Thanks Allan - This gives me insight to some extent.However I am still not clear which one to buy now as it says apple CCK is not compatible with TD30 KV[mine is TD15KV] - So either I should go for iRig which is pretty expensive or not sure whether Roland's WNA 1100 wireless connector will help to facilitate the connection - I'll wait for some more comments or details or videos - Thanks - Also the compatible list link is not working...
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        Roland TD 15KV/Roland SPD-SX/Yamaha DTX Multi12/Maschine MK2


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          Hello everyone,Please help

          Upon checking with various threads - I have many inputs but confused..Technically I am trying to get my playing track from Vdrums[TD15KV] onto a Garage band so that I can blend it with other vocal or guitar tracks from others...

          My understanding is that we can accomplish this through camera connection kit or iRig midi interface...but I came to know I also need duo capture MK2 [The link below]


          f some one could help me to understand the things I need to get this work,I have Roland TD15KV/iPad 2 - I really appreciate it..

          Roland TD 15KV/Roland SPD-SX/Yamaha DTX Multi12/Maschine MK2


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          Sorry - I missed to get back to this thread and close this logically. Finally I was able to record it directly with iPad garage band - I have bought duo capture MK2.Its pretty cool to capture it directly with garage band.Thanks for your help.
          Roland TD 15KV/Roland SPD-SX/Yamaha DTX Multi12/Maschine MK2