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DTX500/502 questions

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  • DTX500/502 questions

    I am considering purchasing DTX502 to trigger VST via midi and I have a few questions.
    Am I able to adjust rim sensitivity with this module?
    How many multi zone triggers can I use at the same time with DXT502?

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    I actually did this and returned it. I felt like I couldn't get a good dynamic range out of the hits. I had pots on my shells as well but that still wouldn't allow me the settings I wanted. If you are triggering vst and don't care about on board sounds I would just get a megadrum for like $50 more then dtx502.
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    • shuey79
      shuey79 commented
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      I should clarify, I have mesh pads with dual zone triggers. Also, yes you can adjust rim sensitivity on all the toms. The snare doesn't have a setting for it though.

    • perceval
      perceval commented
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      If you have 35mm piezos, pots should be set really low. Mine are barely over "zero".

      Also, keep in mind that Yamaha pads are reflection plates, so it will work best when DIYing a system that is similar. Cone and piezo "a la Roland" work, but not as well as a reflection plate.

    • TheYardbird
      TheYardbird commented
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      Well couldn't that problem be solved by connecting the snare to a tom-input? It would be a pain in the a** for sure, but still.

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    Not sure if by the term 'multi zones' you mean 'velocity layers' or actual 'trigger zones', but with the DTX-502, you are able to get 20 zones out of 8 trigger inputs.


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      How about with DTXTREME III? Is it possible to adjust rim sensitivity for snare?


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        A DTXtreme III is the same as a DTX900, when you get the free firmware upgrade from Yamaha.

        A good way to learn about new modules is to get the manual from Yamaha and look up all the things you expect to do with it.

        Sorry, but I just blew my knee and going up the stairs to check on my module is really painful.
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        • abnorm
          abnorm commented
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          Thank you for the response. I did look through the manual, but wasn't able to find the answer to my question.