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Triggering TD-12 through Reaper DAW

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  • yzf125
    Ahh I got it... I had to remember that on the Edirol UM-1xt the In goes to the In and out to out.

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  • yzf125
    started a topic Triggering TD-12 through Reaper DAW

    Triggering TD-12 through Reaper DAW

    Hey guys, Im trying to set up a midi track in Reaper to trigger a percussion sound in my TD-12 while playing VST Studio Drummer at the same time.

    Any one care to give a run down of what needs to take place to get this done ? I have a midi track set up in Reaper with the midi output to my UM-1EX to the midi input of my TD-12 and ALL midi Channels is selected in the track.

    Thanks for any help !!