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A lil help

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  • A lil help

    HI, So I just got a td-9 ver. 2 and this is my first jump into electronic drums. Now this version of the td -9 as I'm sure you know has 40 more kits than the original totaling 90. I think it said in the packaging 'that they added more from the expressions line' (paraphrasing). Does that mean (vexpressionsltd) gave them 40 kits? Also I've read about using the USB, backing up,and the lib to set it up, etc. but if I took out the USB drive would it show the original factory sets again? Or would it be changed? I worry as if I were to ever upgrade to a newer vdrums and it's filled with unknown kits.

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    No, I think it just said "Expressive new sounds".

    You can always copy any single kit from factory presets (Page 30) or restore all factory kits (Page 61).